OS – Our school in English

Welcome to Henri Nans middle school located in Aups, in the scenic Var region,
in the south of France. (lien vers Aups, carte, photos…)

Our surroundings :

We live in Provence in the middle of the Verdon Regional Park. It’s a 15 minute
drive from the « Gorges du Verdon », a paradise for nature lovers and sports
aficionados : swimming, hiking, white water rafting, bungee jumping,
canoeing, cycling, sailing…
Every year our Year 9 and 10 pupils spend a week sailing on the lake de Ste
We’re surrounded by historical villages rich in cultural heritage such as
« Bauduen, Artignosc, Tourtour, Moissac Bellevue, Les Salles sur Verdon… ».
We’re about an hour and a half away form the Mediterranean coast.
Going to places such as St Tropez, Cannes, famous for its international film
festival can easily be done on a day trip.
The beautiful city of Nice is also not very far and a wonderful place to visit (
museums, architecture…).

Our school :

There are 500 pupils (aged 11-15) and about 40 teachers.
Click here for a tour of our school (photos…)
English department : (photos des salles d’anglais)
We are a team of 4 English teachers .
Our pupils study English from the age of 11 to 15, some of them start at the
age of 6.
Every year we organise an English Day where all students and staff have to
wear a uniform and take part in various English speaking activities such as
quizzes, acting, singing, dancing, food tasting….(photo des profs + élèves)
Clich here to see some of our pupils’ school work in English.
(powerpoint/ Padlet/ posters/ word clouds…)
Since 2016 we have started an E-Twinning partnership with Inverclyde
Academy in Greenock, in Scotland.
Following the recent education reform the English teachers will be involved in
the following « EPI » : interdisciplinary practical teaching projects :
-5ème / Year 8 : Languages and cultures of ancient times / Regional languages
and cultures /The body, health, well-being and safety
-4ème / Year 9 : The ecological transition and sustainable development /
Information, communication and citizenship
-3ème / Year 10 : Economic and professional world / Artistic creation and

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